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Lunes, Hunyo 1, 2015

Cheers to the Fools!

Cheers to the fools
the slaves of love-drunk Heart.
Cheers to the fools
who played with the flames of passion
and were burnt by it, wounded
by the shards of promises
they never intended to keep.

Cheers to the tragic story
of the clowns brought to ruin
by the flaws of youth.

Cheers to the fools who 
the venom of a promise,
their gullets choked
by their own perjuries.

Cheers to the fools who thought
that words are enough;
that distances can be bridged
by empty songs.

Cheers to the fools who believed
the happy ending at the tunnel-end.

Cheers to the fools who thought
that the world will lend an ear
if loud enough you shout.

Cheers to the fools, who, 
fumbling in the darkness of their mirth
thought they can make it out.